Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So I picked one subdivision in Byrnes Mill and walked down the streets and spoke to anybody who would listen, I spoke with 10 people ( 3 male and 7 female ) and asked the three questions.

One : Did you vote.
Two: Do you think the City needs a Police Dept.
Three: Would you sign a petition to have the City audited by the State.

My results

Out of all the people I spoke to only one voted in the City election.
10 out of ten said they did not think the City needed a Police Dept.
7 out of ten said they would sign the petition.

I will be doing more surveys in the near future, let me know what questions you would like me to ask.


  1. This is what happens in most little towns, only a small percent of the residents care what goes on in their city and the rest just go with the flow until it effects them. I would like you to ask them if they know who the Mayor and all the board members are and if the know the type of people that the City is employing. Thanks, great blog.

  2. Next time, say "here is my audit petition, will you sign it?"

  3. Wow....YES Byrnes Mill needs a police department! are you kidding???
    im a resident here and on many occasions when i neede them due to my neigbors they were there and helped to the best they could. They are the ONLY Police Department out in this area and let me tell you i called both jeffco and byrnes mill and byrnes mill showed up waaaaaaaayyyyy before them. so next time you need help ill be sure to hope that you have to wait for jeffco! then maybe then you will see that its COMPLEATLY nessicary for them to be here, so they write alot of tickets, SO WHAT! its thier job. follow the law and you will have no issues. i DONT like aliot of what this city does and i by no means am for them iv had my problems with them. but saying that we dont need a PD just makes you sound stupid

    1. Anonymous, I don't think I' am stupid, I just stated facts. You make 2 out of 11. Thanks for your comment.

    2. Anonymous does that mean your ok with the conduct of your Police, if so you need to get your brain looked at by a professional.

  4. Wow.......All I have to say is if you really have that big of a issue with I no the majority of people in this city do not, then be an ADULT about it and go to city hall and address the problem formally. Complaining about it on a blog is pathetic. And kim, if you think I need my head checked because I believe after a personal exsperance that we need a police department, then your the one who needs to see a doctor. Guess what everyone there not going anywhere. There new chief is a wonderful individual who treats people well. Every single one of you need to grow up.