Friday, February 28, 2014


  1. Did you know a Municipal Judge is a elected position ?                                  
  2. Did you know Police Officers must follow the law just like anyone else ?
  3. Do you know how much money the City brings in from tickets ?
  4. Do you know how many illegal tickets were written  while Ed Locke was chief ?
  5. Did you know Ed Locke Jr. violated his probation while working for Byrnes Mill ?
  6. Did you know Ed Jr. was not supposed to be acting as a police officer full time while on probation ?
  7. Do you know how many tickets he wrote while he was on probation ?
  8. Did you know his probation was revoked ?
  9. Do you think the Judge and the prosecuting attorney knew of all the wrong doing that was going on ?
  10. Do you think the City Administrator knew what was going on ?
  11. Do you think the City Alderman that have been there for ever knew about all the corruption that was taking place within the City ?
  12. Did you know City employees drive City owned cars for personal use ?
  13. Did you know you have several years to file a lawsuit if you think your Civil Rights have been violated ?  
  14. Did you know that Mike Smith and Roger Ide worked for Jefferson County Police Dept. at one time ?
  15. Do you know why they no longer have a job at JCPD ?
  16. Did you know that most small towns like Byrnes Mill have very little oversight from State and Federal Government ?