Friday, April 21, 2017

                                                               Byrnes Mill Missouri

Once again there is more signs of the corruption in the little town  of 3,000 people. The Ex Police Chief has been brought up on charges of stealing money from people they have stopped for traffic violations or other arrest. We all know the crimes they have committed go much further than that.
Anyone with half a brain knows the people running the City have been aware of or covered up the gross negligent actions of the Police Dept. The Mayor [Gibson], City Admin [Perney] and the board members need to be held  responsible for the hardship they have caused to good people. The big egos and lack of  ability to control them has allowed this kind of thing to happen. They still employ bad police officers after knowing their poor records [Roger Ide] for one. Ide has been there through the Ed Locke/ Mike Smith years and still works there right now and he was fired from JCPD for wrongdoing. So Roger either knew what was going on and did not do anything about it or he is such a bad cop that he could not figure it out. You be the judge. Anyone that has been a victim of the City should contact the Highway Patrol or the Feds and tell your story. THE LITTLE TOWN WITH THE BIG BLACK EYE.