Monday, July 14, 2014

FEDERAL LAWSUIT REVEALS CORRUPTION. NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a big fan of Mike Smith but his accusations against the city are the same as I have contended from the beginning. The city IS and has been corrupt for a long time , the Mayor says the city is above board but that is not the truth. The city administrator , prosecutor, Bob Sweeney and the judge all make a living off the city and the people they ticket. If any of you have any information that could help the case against the city please contact the Feds, you may also want to contact Leah Thorsen at LTHORSEN@POST-DISPATCH.COM or Russell Kinsaul at In the end it doesn't matter who your for or against but that the truth finely comes out and the city is held responsible for the crimes they have committed . They have affected so many people in a NEGETIVE way for way to long and they must be stopped.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Although I am a big fan of small business I can't spend money at places that give tax money to a corrupt city government. People need to think about this when spending money at the business's within the City of Byrnes Mill. If the business's in the city know that people are not spending money with them because of their  City then maybe they will put pressure on city officials to clean up their act. Hoods, Paul and Joe's, Hwy 30 towing, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Walgreens, Nasser Tire, Shell gas station and Auto Zone are just some of the places that collect tax dollars for the city. I will try to get a better list of business's in the city and post them on this Blog. Remember the best way to get their attention is to get in their pocketbook.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So I picked one subdivision in Byrnes Mill and walked down the streets and spoke to anybody who would listen, I spoke with 10 people ( 3 male and 7 female ) and asked the three questions.

One : Did you vote.
Two: Do you think the City needs a Police Dept.
Three: Would you sign a petition to have the City audited by the State.

My results

Out of all the people I spoke to only one voted in the City election.
10 out of ten said they did not think the City needed a Police Dept.
7 out of ten said they would sign the petition.

I will be doing more surveys in the near future, let me know what questions you would like me to ask.

Monday, April 28, 2014


You may not know this but the City actually has company's bid on towing ( that's a good thing right?) not really because they do not use the company that won the contract. That's right they do not use the lowest bid, that means you pay more, in some cases twice as much. I don't know why but they put it out for bid again and the company with the lowest bid did not receive the contract.

HIGHWAY 30 TOWING  65 PER TOW BETWEEN 8am to 5 pm and 75.00 from 5 pm to 8 am and 35.00 per day storage

If you do the math S&V is the lowest bid with Northwest Towing 2nd followed by Highway  30 towing.



ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend 4/26/2014 the City of Byrnes Mill decided to protect all of us by stopping motorcycles to check to see if our helmets meet DOT standards. New Chief but same ole crap. I drove down Byrnes Mill and through 4 subdivisions and did not see one cop ( they were all out on Hwy 30 ) stopping people to check helmets, yes that's right HELMETS .

Thursday, April 24, 2014

YOU BE THE JUDGE...........................

  • Ed Locke :     was hired by the city and started the years of corruption within the city and police department. While Locke was in charge he made sure that people new he ran the town ( he was a thug ) and he violated the rights of many good people. He was fired for undisclosed reasons but one could only imagine. I think there were over 500 tickets missing and several complaints of misconduct but that doesn't even scratch the surface of what this man was allowed to do.
                            Ed Locke Jr : was hired as a cop by the city after he was fired by another city
                            for breaking the law ( that's right BREAKING THE LAW ) and was on
                            probation for his crime and was not supposed to be working full time as a
                            police officer so the city paid him 40 hrs of overtime so it didn't look like a full
                            time job ( LIKE NOBODY WILL NOTICE THAT) and on top of all that
                            it was overtime pay and with grant money received from taxpayers. I can't even
                            begin to imagine how many tickets he wrote that should be null and void,
                            then when the story broke about his probation violation the city decided it      
                            would be a good idea to fire him ( YA THINK).
                            Mike Smith : was hired by the city after he was fired from JCPD for
                            reasons ( LETS JUST SAY, NOT GOOD) and then the city fired him for
                            more reasons unknown ( ITS A SECRET I THINK). I think we will find out
                            someday and I 'am sure it will not be good. Oh and by the way he was made
                            Police Chief, that's right the head honcho.

                            Roger Ide : was hired by the city after he was fired from JCPD for his alleged
                            involvement in a bar fight in House Springs along with other fellow officers.
                            The details that I have found are very disturbing and I believe that he
                            should have spent time in jail for that deal. Oh and did I mention he is still
                            employed as a police officer in Byrnes Mill right now.                 

                           DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Now during most of this poor judgment in hiring practice the same people
                           were and still are running the city, the judge, prosecuting / city attorney, mayor
                           city administrator  and most of the board of alderman. You would think that at
                           at least some of those people would stop and ask WHAT IN THE HELL IS
                           GOING ON HERE,  unless they all knew what was going on and did not care.
                           You be the JUDGE.

Monday, March 24, 2014

TOP COP SHUFFLE................

FIRED... FIRED.......FIRED. Mike  Smith has been removed, it seems to me that the problems with the police department continue. I can not confirm the reason at this time but I will work on that, I have heard bad things about Smith, Ide, the administrator and Hwy 30 towing , we all know what that means, corruption... corruption .... corruption. Stay tuned , if you here anything good or bad please let everyone know by posting on this blog. Remember to keep notes with times, pictures and dates when you observe wrong doing.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is Lake Montowese now a public lake ?

It seems that the City has taken control of the Montowese  roads and will be paying for repair to streets in their subdivision. We know Grant money will be used by the City for road repair so I believe that means we all can use the roads, so I encourage everyone to make laps around the Lake with any kind of licensed vehicle you own. Like I said YOU PAID FOR IT. Maybe the Mayor and both alderman that live on the lake will enjoy the company.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

RUMOR HAS IT...........

Rumor is the City has made another change in the Police Chief position ( its like a revolving door) Mike Smith is out and Roger is in. How the City can keep making these irresponsible decisions is beyond belief. The misconduct these two have been involved in ( on and off the job ) is disturbing to say the least. You can't have people running a police department that are on the wrong side of the law. I guess we will have to sit back and watch this corrupt Police Department  continue to break the laws the rest of us have to abide by, the City could have turned the Policing over to Jefferson County a long time ago but has chose to continue its revenue generating machine with a bunch unprofessional misfits. I hope they pull their heads out of their a.... before someone gets hurt or killed, we shall see.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I think we can take a few bucks out of their pockets if we set up a warning system like the Traffic Law Center does. We could use Facebook or some type of app. When you see them sitting somewhere let people know and take pictures when you see them breaking the law. Take pictures when you see them using City cars for personal use ( the state auditor will need proof and what parts to look at ) and where they drive them.

Friday, February 28, 2014


  1. Did you know a Municipal Judge is a elected position ?                                  
  2. Did you know Police Officers must follow the law just like anyone else ?
  3. Do you know how much money the City brings in from tickets ?
  4. Do you know how many illegal tickets were written  while Ed Locke was chief ?
  5. Did you know Ed Locke Jr. violated his probation while working for Byrnes Mill ?
  6. Did you know Ed Jr. was not supposed to be acting as a police officer full time while on probation ?
  7. Do you know how many tickets he wrote while he was on probation ?
  8. Did you know his probation was revoked ?
  9. Do you think the Judge and the prosecuting attorney knew of all the wrong doing that was going on ?
  10. Do you think the City Administrator knew what was going on ?
  11. Do you think the City Alderman that have been there for ever knew about all the corruption that was taking place within the City ?
  12. Did you know City employees drive City owned cars for personal use ?
  13. Did you know you have several years to file a lawsuit if you think your Civil Rights have been violated ?  
  14. Did you know that Mike Smith and Roger Ide worked for Jefferson County Police Dept. at one time ?
  15. Do you know why they no longer have a job at JCPD ?
  16. Did you know that most small towns like Byrnes Mill have very little oversight from State and Federal Government ?