Monday, July 14, 2014

FEDERAL LAWSUIT REVEALS CORRUPTION. NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a big fan of Mike Smith but his accusations against the city are the same as I have contended from the beginning. The city IS and has been corrupt for a long time , the Mayor says the city is above board but that is not the truth. The city administrator , prosecutor, Bob Sweeney and the judge all make a living off the city and the people they ticket. If any of you have any information that could help the case against the city please contact the Feds, you may also want to contact Leah Thorsen at LTHORSEN@POST-DISPATCH.COM or Russell Kinsaul at In the end it doesn't matter who your for or against but that the truth finely comes out and the city is held responsible for the crimes they have committed . They have affected so many people in a NEGETIVE way for way to long and they must be stopped.


  1. That city has been corrupt since day one. I read the accusations in the lawsuit and believe they are true. I have heard over and over again how they fix tickets and do not enforce infractions from their own residents. They prey on people that do not live in their city. I have talked to ex- cops that have worked their and they said the same thing.

  2. Thank you for publishing this blog. Two years ago I had never heard of Byrnes Mill, Missouri. For the next year this this corrupt little fiefdom made my life a living hell. Once they snare you in their speed trap, they don't turn loose. I watched this bully of a judge flex his muscle in that jam packed night court. I can only imagine how much revenue was generated on that night alone. I pleaded guilty with an explanation because I knew I couldn't fight it and win, but I wanted to have my say. The judge showed me his idea of mercy and I was given a web site to go to to pay my fine. I didn't want to go near that place again so I logged on to pay the fine. it was a few dollars less than than what the judge said in court, so I paid it and thought my ordeal was over. Several months later I went to renew my driver's license in St. Louis County. I was told that BM had put a lien on my license. They had issued a warrant on me for not appearing in court. Never mind that I was never summoned and had no idea that I was to appear. My crime? Not paying the full amount of my fine. To remove the lien and get my license renewed I had to pay those crooks another 250 bucks plus the amount I was short on the original fine.Thank God my BM ordeal is over. I will never enter those God forsaken city limits again. I can only hope that someday these crooks will get what's coming to them.

  3. I did contact Mike Smith's attorney, the Post Dispatch, and even Channel 4 news about very blatant corruption by the judge and police. I never heard a word back from them. Mike Smith is only interested in getting a settlement from the city to make him go away.

    1. Did you try to get in contact with the Feds that are in charge of the investigation ?

  4. I am also a resident of BM and it night court in BM reveals exactly what this municipality does in greed. An overcrowded court room, of obvious low income people, including 89 year old grannies, whom never had a ticket in their life. So many people that on the night before school started, they kept courtroom open until 11pm, only then to tell the remaining people they would have to come back another day. This is misdemeanor traffic court.