Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The new police cheif has quit already!!!!! Now the guy that was fired for stealing and the guy that was fired for a bar room fight are running the dept. Welcome to the great city of Byrnes Mill Mo. This  city is a joke.


  1. I here is daughter passed away and that could be the reason.

  2. Maybe he was to honest and cracked down on the Ide and Smith dog and poney show. Those guys should be in jail for all the things they have done that are against the law, steeling,assault, ect.

  3. I here now that the current chief quit there will be more tickets writen and the same police misconduct will start, ide and smith are bad bad bad, so you can expect the worse. It's time to shut this city down. Keep us posted, I will do whatever you need to stop this crap.

    1. That is how the city makes money, tickets are revenue and the city uses the money to run the city and pay for their police dept, if they do not write enough tickets the residents would have to pay higher taxes to pay for their police. They use other peoples money, isin't that the american way ?