Friday, February 28, 2014


  1. Did you know a Municipal Judge is a elected position ?                                  
  2. Did you know Police Officers must follow the law just like anyone else ?
  3. Do you know how much money the City brings in from tickets ?
  4. Do you know how many illegal tickets were written  while Ed Locke was chief ?
  5. Did you know Ed Locke Jr. violated his probation while working for Byrnes Mill ?
  6. Did you know Ed Jr. was not supposed to be acting as a police officer full time while on probation ?
  7. Do you know how many tickets he wrote while he was on probation ?
  8. Did you know his probation was revoked ?
  9. Do you think the Judge and the prosecuting attorney knew of all the wrong doing that was going on ?
  10. Do you think the City Administrator knew what was going on ?
  11. Do you think the City Alderman that have been there for ever knew about all the corruption that was taking place within the City ?
  12. Did you know City employees drive City owned cars for personal use ?
  13. Did you know you have several years to file a lawsuit if you think your Civil Rights have been violated ?  
  14. Did you know that Mike Smith and Roger Ide worked for Jefferson County Police Dept. at one time ?
  15. Do you know why they no longer have a job at JCPD ?
  16. Did you know that most small towns like Byrnes Mill have very little oversight from State and Federal Government ?                                      


  1. # 1 I will not vote for that Judge if he runs for that position, Judge Coby Smith- Hays is his name. I believe a muni judge makes about 113,000 dollars a year from the taxpayers of Jefferson Co. Their is no way he does not know what is going on in that City. Spread the word, vote him out as Judge in Jefferson Co.

  2. I will watch fro his name when election time comes up, to me if he wants to align himself with a corrupt City then we don't need him in Hillsboro. VOTE HIM OUT....

    1. Vote him out. Spread the word

  3. I agree, if he has been there very long, he must know about the antics that are taking place in that town. Vote him out.

  4. # 4 Maybe a Civil Rights attorney would file some kind of class action lawsuit against the City, I' am sure there are hundreds of bad tickets, I know I got one from Eddie Jr.

  5. WOW.......... 265 hits already today, get the word out. The way to fight back against this town is to educate people to what their rights are.

  6. When his term is up in Jeff Co we should try to vote him out.

  7. # 1 When the time comes , he will not get my vote. VOTE HIM OUT.

  8. They all knew what was going on and chose to do nothing about it for a long time. They are still using Hwy 30 as their main sorce of income and they let their cops run wild and un punished for their gross misconduct. They break more laws than the people they give tickets to and they discriminate on who gets one, if you live in town you will more than likley get a warning.Oh and I will vote against that Judge if I get the chance, and I hope someone files a huge lawsuit against the City and exposes all the dishonest stuff that has and still does go on.

  9. A comment to # 15. THEY WERE FIRED FOR BREAKING THE LAW. # 1 Vote that Judge out of a job.........