Thursday, April 24, 2014

YOU BE THE JUDGE...........................

  • Ed Locke :     was hired by the city and started the years of corruption within the city and police department. While Locke was in charge he made sure that people new he ran the town ( he was a thug ) and he violated the rights of many good people. He was fired for undisclosed reasons but one could only imagine. I think there were over 500 tickets missing and several complaints of misconduct but that doesn't even scratch the surface of what this man was allowed to do.
                            Ed Locke Jr : was hired as a cop by the city after he was fired by another city
                            for breaking the law ( that's right BREAKING THE LAW ) and was on
                            probation for his crime and was not supposed to be working full time as a
                            police officer so the city paid him 40 hrs of overtime so it didn't look like a full
                            time job ( LIKE NOBODY WILL NOTICE THAT) and on top of all that
                            it was overtime pay and with grant money received from taxpayers. I can't even
                            begin to imagine how many tickets he wrote that should be null and void,
                            then when the story broke about his probation violation the city decided it      
                            would be a good idea to fire him ( YA THINK).
                            Mike Smith : was hired by the city after he was fired from JCPD for
                            reasons ( LETS JUST SAY, NOT GOOD) and then the city fired him for
                            more reasons unknown ( ITS A SECRET I THINK). I think we will find out
                            someday and I 'am sure it will not be good. Oh and by the way he was made
                            Police Chief, that's right the head honcho.

                            Roger Ide : was hired by the city after he was fired from JCPD for his alleged
                            involvement in a bar fight in House Springs along with other fellow officers.
                            The details that I have found are very disturbing and I believe that he
                            should have spent time in jail for that deal. Oh and did I mention he is still
                            employed as a police officer in Byrnes Mill right now.                 

                           DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Now during most of this poor judgment in hiring practice the same people
                           were and still are running the city, the judge, prosecuting / city attorney, mayor
                           city administrator  and most of the board of alderman. You would think that at
                           at least some of those people would stop and ask WHAT IN THE HELL IS
                           GOING ON HERE,  unless they all knew what was going on and did not care.
                           You be the JUDGE.


  1. You forgot about the tow company they use, Ives towing has a contract with the city for a fee of 65.00 per tow but they use HWY 30 towing and he charges 120.00. I here the cops get kickback money from 30 towing.

  2. Chief Seibert, hired despite having a sexual discrimination suit (that was still pending) filed against him in his last job.

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  4. Crooks in charge of crooks

  5. They should all be in jail, but the only one who served any time is Ed Locke JR.

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